Why is Yes on M needed?


The current city council has failed to close several loopholes in the 2012 El Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan, the document that guides development downtown over the next 30 years. Measure M is the only remaining means for Menlo Park citizens to ensure that impending development conforms with our community’s Vision for our downtown.

Two developers, exploiting loopholes in the Downtown Plan are proposing to build more than 400,000 SF of office buildings along Menlo Park’s El Camino corridor.  These massive office complexes, which exceed the Plan’s entire 30-year office projection by more than 50%, are incongruous with the balanced, mixed-use build-out envisioned by our community and embodied in the Specific Plan’s Guiding Principles and Goals.  The Specific Plan was the first in Menlo Park’s history, so it is not surprising that loopholes became evident as the initial project proposals were submitted.  It is standard for changes to be made annually by cities when loopholes become evident.  What is surprising is that the current council continues to side with developers and refuses to close these loopholes. 


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