What changes does Measure M make to the Specific Plan?


Measure M makes four (4) changes to the Specific Plan:

  • Excludes private balconies, terraces and rooftops from counting toward a project’s open space requirement
  • Limits office development to 100,000 SF per project (only applies to 4 sites in the 130 acre Downtown Plan area)
  • Limits the total amount of office space within the Plan boundary to 240,820 SF
  • Limits total non-residential development within the Plan boundary to 474,000 SF

Measure M’s development limits on development are taken directly from the 30-year build-out scenario in the Plan’s Environmental Impact Report’s (EIR)*.

Measure M adopted the EIR’s build-out scenario because its environmental and fiscal impacts were thoroughly vetted and it reflects the balanced, vibrant, mixed-use development envisioned by residents. 

The City Council remains in control of all the rest of the 356-page Plan’s zoning rules 



* The EIR (page 3-11) and 30-year projections were:

  • 680 units of housing
  • 380 hotel rooms
  • 91,800 SF of retail
  • 240,820 SF of commercial office

Total non-residential equals 474,000 SF

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