We Are Menlo Park Families and Residents

SaveMenlo is made up of residents who believe in a walkable and livable Menlo Park.  There are nearly six hundred folks involved.  We are your neighbors, we bike the Tour de Menlo, we go swimming at Burgess, and our kids probably have been in the same class as yours.  

Some of us have lived here for over 50 years and are now retired, and some of us have recently moved in with our young families.   We're young, old, and somewhere in the middle.  

We believe in the public vision of the development for Menlo Park - the blueprint for a reasonable development for an environmentally and financially sustainable Menlo Park.  

We are concerned about affect of mega office development - that was not part of the public vision.   

We want the city to enforce the public vision created 5 years ago for reasonable,  balanced development that will protect the high quality of life and safety for children and families in Menlo Park.

Mike Lanza, writer

Screen_Shot_2014-03-01_at_10.04.16_PM.png  Mike Lanza is father and writer.  He is the author of Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into A Place For Play.  He has 3 young boys - ages 4, 6 and 9 - and has lived in Menlo Park for 6 years.  Prior to his writing career, Mike was a software entrepreneur.  He holds an MA in Education, an MBA, and an MA and BA in Economics, all from Stanford University.

Patti Fry, Initiative Proponent, former Menlo Park Planning Commissioner

Screen_Shot_2014-03-01_at_10.19.35_PM.png  Patti Fry, along with her husband and son, has lived in Menlo Park for 23 years.  A retired information systems executive and management consultant, primarily in the health and financial services sectors, she served as Menlo Park Planning Commissioner from 2000-2004.  She is an active board member and volunteer for a variety of local nonprofits and humanitarian organizations.  She holds a BS and MBA from Stanford University. 

Volunteers and Supporters

9 Formers mayors - Jack Morris, Gail Slocum, Steve Schmidt, Mary Jo Borak,Paul Collacchi, Chuck Kinney, Heyward Robinson, Kelly Fergusson, and Andy Cohen

Menlo Park  residents:  Perla Ni, David Roise, Chuck Bernstein, Stu Soffer, Charlie Bourne, Elizabeth Houk, Lynore Banchoff, Lynn Mickleburgh, David Bingham, Naama Barnea-Goraly, Paul Podesta, Peter Cook, Erin Craig, Robert Hamilton, Kate Ague, Kevin Vincent-Sheehan, Stefan Petry, Peter Hart, Diane Hart, Bruce Adornato, Kristen Swanson, Tom Sullivan, Jenny Sullivan, Eric and Sonali Fain, Don Barnby, Veneta Kanelakos, Amy Klein, Eleni Linos, Peter Li, Sally Finkle, Katie Wilson, Jane Garratt, Debbie Gerow, Mark Gerow, Robert Ekedahl, Scott Herscher, Gail Sredanovic, Holly Nash, Krist Roginski, Kathy Schoendorf, Nancy Borgeson and many more.