How does Yes on M protect our neighborhoods and small town character?


Yes on M encourages developers to better match their projects to Menlo Park’s small town character. The two current developments, about to be approved by the City, will build 8 football fields of offices in the heart of our town.  They will increase rush-hour traffic and neighborhood cut-through traffic.

Here are the facts:

The city's own Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of 2012 projected a maximum development square feet for office build-out for 30 years.  The EIR studied traffic, noise and air pollution impacts.   Yes on M enforces that maximum development amount, so that developments do not exceed those traffic, noise and air pollution impacts. 

Without Measure M, developers will count balconies and rooftops as “Open Space”; massive office complexes will be approved by the City Council, changing our town for our lifetimes. And rush hour traffic will get significantly worse than forecast, because offices draw out-of-town commuters.

By enforcing the office development maximum of the city's own Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Yes on M protects our neighborhoods by reducing the build-out of mega-offices in the heart of our town and the rush hour traffic they cause.  


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